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Welcome to Highland Lace

We specialize in beautiful lace curtains from many countries. Scottish cotton lace curtains are the cornerstone of our collection, but we also offer some blends to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our lace curtains have an evocative power that transports you to a timeless world, with memories of yesterday, while creating a special tranquil softening treatment for your home. We’ve been producing this collection for 24 years, and have the expertise and resources to help you enhance your home. Please take a moment to browse through our collection to find your decorating solutions.


This is a fresh and crisp summer look in the pure white, or a lovely softening treatment for a window in the cream range. A viscose/polyester, easy care lace.


This lush all cotton black lace curtain is reminicsent of the opulent Sicilian aristocractic homes of the past that were swathed in lace and textiles.


These paired panels have a left and right side and are available in pairs only, with an elaborate floral edge design on a netted background. Easy-care viscose/polyester with a distinctly European Flair.


Fine open mesh unbleached linen embroidered curtain with neutral grey embroidered relief work.


Exquisite fine quality 14 point lace panel will transmit soft light through your window. Originally produced in 1890, this pattern is full of roses spilling from urns and ribbons, a classic Victorian piece that works in modern homes beautifully.


This is a sheer 14-point lace with a charming delicate look. It has a wide intricate floral border with a simple unadorned center and medallion at the bottom edge.


This is one of our most popular curtains, as it creates a pretty light filtering effect. This is a Madras lace, similar to our Damask in weave, but this pattern works well in all environments with its botanical poppies strewn in a large all-over pattern. It has a simple deep hem, and 1 inch header above the generous rod pocket.


Suitable for glass door panels and all your narrow window needs.


This is an Art Deco era pattern with oriental motifs and flowers. A simple beaded border completes the design. It would work perfectly in an eclectic or modern  room. The narrow width is also suitable for door curtains that really typify the Deco style. Made in our medium-heavy 10-point lace, it transmits light whilst maintaining your privacy.


So many have asked for an easy-care softening treatment with lace that we decided to include our Diana in the Highland Lace collection. This group has a generous rod pocket and deep lush 6 inches of lace edging, which cascades along the jabots and adds a beautiful finish to the panels.


This design has a distinctive, deep, scalloped bottom edge. A floral border surrounds scrolls of foliage and flowers, with fine garlands on the net background. The shape is especially effective in the shorter lengths and valances. Made in medium-heavy 10-point lace, it transmits light through your window while maintaining your privacy.


This will have spring thoughts dancing in your window! A fresh 14-point scottish lace design from the 1920s, I can almost smell the fragrance of lily of the valley coming through the window. Lily Panels are trimmed on on 2 sides with a 1 inch header, 2 inch rod pocket and 2 inch hem.


Meg is our favorite hard working door panel! It is classic and affordable, and also works well as café pairs.

Point d'esprit

This is a traditional french net lace with simple dots on a netted background and a woven edge. This curtain is suitable in most any interior. It is a perfect curtain to layer with. For instance, use lace jabots over this net for a rich generous effect.


This sea-inspired collection is trimed with beading and real miniature seashells. The light is filtered delicately through the flotsam of the sea.


This is a modern floral design with a young fresh appearance; it has fairy wildflowers strewn all over the curtains. Delicate and simple, suitable for many rooms. Made in our finest quality 14-point cotton lace, thereby allowing the most light through and being the most sheer.


This is a Madras style lace woven using methods that have not changed in more than 150 years. An expert weaver on a Madras loom can produce just ten yards of Madras lace in a full day.The result is richly textured fabric of superior quality and timeless beauty. This pattern is modelled after the classic Damask, and was designed and first produced in 1919. It allows the light in while giving good privacy.


Crisp and beautiful, a perfect softening treatment for your window, this personifies freshness with its 3½ inch lace trim.

Madras Starfish

As fine as old world mosquito netting, imagine wrapping your bed in billowing curtains of our Starfish pattern! This Madras lace has a starfish-and-shells jacquard pattern woven into the lace net background. Perfect for your coastal home.

Swiss Dot

This is not a lace, but has been one our favourites for its crisp fresh appearance and works very well over Point d'Esprit. Imported from Europe, it has embroidered dots all over a fine batiste cotton blend, with a thick embroidered scallop around the edges, a 1½ inch rod pocket and 1 inch heading.


These intricate floral-and-ribbons lace curtains have a scalloped finish at the sides and bottom edge.


This design is extremely fine, delicate and fluid. It is Japanese in feeling and has exotic carp fish swimming amongst the flotsam and jetsam of the sea. Has an Art Deco feeling. Made in our finest quality 14-point lace, it transmits the most light through your window.

Romany Patchwork Lace Curtain

Inspired by the gypsy caravans that roamed Europe in the olden days; available in all lengths, in widths from 52 to 70 inches; white or cream.


This is an enchanting pattern full of trees and birds. It works well in many environments. We have even used this curtain in white for baby nurseries!