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Van Dyck Portrait

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An Ideal Man

While reading about the various progressions of lace making, I realized that a profound change came when the making of lace no longer was just a pleasant ladies pastime, but had suddenly become the backbone of huge commercial undertakings. Guess who was behind this development!
It also evolved into a time where the men wore much more expensive, spectacular collars and cuffs than the women. Masculine elegance meant that there was lace everywhere!
If we look at old portraits, you will see lavish lace spilling from the throat onto the metal breastplate!
The Italian lacemakers were quick to pick up on this trend, and the heavier Venetian lace became a huge trend with the men….who ever said that Men don’t follow fashion trends!
It wasn’t long before King Louis of France was having this masculine lace made in his country villages in order to save his coffers from being emptyed in Italy. He even enticed some of the best lace workers to leave Italy and help train French lace makers. The French were so successful in their version of this lace, that soon this lace was banned from Italy! Many fortunes were made and lost during this period, and Men had put their stamp on this womens pastime forever.

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