Eau De Rose

Flowers and herbs have been used throuhout the ages to make fragrant soothing toilet waters to freshen and scent the body. I had some fun making my own simple concoction to use as a facial toner for these hot days
Simply steep a handful of rose petals for a week and then strain into a small decorative bottle
If you don’t wish to add alcohol, I suggest you keep the bulk of it in the refridgerator and decant into your small decorative bottle as needed

beachroses 027

These are the lovely salt spray roses that seem to have the strongest scent. Gather while the sun is high

rosewater2 004

I steeped them in the closed jar for one week, then decanted to the large bottle which I keep in the fridge, and use the stoppered one at my dressing table.

beach flowers028

I often add a few wild sea flowers to the mix just to add colour……..

rose water006

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