Finishing Touches

The French have such a way with trims!.If you look at all the names they have for trimming, you realize how important this finishing touch is!

Soutache….Passementerie…..Bobbles & Pompoms….Bullion Fringe….Ombre Ribbons

Tassels, I could go on & on with Delectable names…. I found an old lamp and torn shade at a flea market last summer, and the hunt for trim began! Here is the result……….

lamp7 007

lamp5 005

This created a minor frenzy as I realized that there were many uses for left over trim, and now we are busy adorning pillows, using tassels for Armoire knobs, attaching keys to tassels, and generally creating feminine mayham!

tassels 002                                        Beautiful tassel with cotton pompoms


tassela 004

The perfect French Blue Key Holder………..locked up Love Letters!


ribbon 009Hand Dyed Ombre Ribbons for Ruffling & Edging

Swag-detailNina Campbells Bullion Fringe on a simple Swag, brings the window to life



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