Baby Robins have arrived!

eggsIt is a funny feeling knowing that a mother Robin has entrusted you with her unhatched eggs! She has built a nest right up against my back door, and proceeds to lay her eggs, one at a time, up to four. Hatching takes up to a day…per egg. Once born, they need a lot of food. It’s a full time job for the parents to protect the nest , find food, and feed the babies.

I felt so responsible as they hunted at night for worms and food!

robinimagesShe Stayed with them and watched me “like a hawk”!

motherandbabyEven when they “flew the coop” she still tracked them down and fed them! Soooo Dedicated!

babyShe and I were so proud that all 4 babies managed to survive the constant battering

of the crows!!

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