Creating a Sacred Space

During the last year or so, we have all been spending much more time at home, and for some of us, our home has become a quiet Sanctuary for Reflection and Meditation. With that in mind, we began to see that specific areas have been created, some of our curtains became backdrops for personal altars.

To Create a Sacred Space or Altar, try to choose a part of your home that has little daily family traffic. Not an easy thing to do for most of us!! It is a good idea to “clear the air” by burning sage in a safe vessel such as a seashell to wipe away the negative energy and start fresh.

Choose a lovely small tabletop for your altar, and put some of your favourite objects on display for an uplifting inspiring spot.  Remember, this is a space for gratitude and inspiration, where you will connect with your inner creative soul.

Sacred Spaces

Some suggestions for your Altar Objects might be Candles, Feathers, Crystals, flowers and herbs, Favourite stones and shells, spiritual figures, Special textiles to place your pieces on, and of course,a journal to record your thoughts.!

We will be offering some divine beeswax candles for you to enjoy shortly. If you are subcribed to our Newsletter, there will be a special offer on these beautiful hand dyed beeswax candles, Can’t wait to share!

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