Sicily curtain featured on Houzz

Our black lace curtain, Sicily, is featured in an Ideabook by Krita Raut, Houzz India Contributor.

Go look: Soft Furnishing Maintenance 101

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Mothers Apron

bringing in the eggsIt Brought in Eggs & Vegetables……………..

apron3apron2apron4That Apron Dusted Tabletops, & Shooed Away the Flies

I wish I knew the author of this poem! It brought back so many memories of my mother, and both Grandmothers who lived with us all through my childhood.

We, at Highland Lace Company, have these available to purchase if you would like one. Just tell us the colour you would like and the style ( bib front or half apron )

Happy Cooking!





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2016……….Back in the Pink

What is it about pink? I am obsessed with this colour .again! Cannot get enough of it. Now it seems that Pantone has declared Rose Quartz the 2016 shade of choice…..Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love – love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. They have partnered it with Serenity, a soft baby blue. I prefer to use pink as a neutral, with soft creamy linen

rose quartzWe have a new group of linen curtains that I would like to showcase around this gorgeous colour.  I always think of ballet slippers when I see this shade of pink, and so, yes, predictably, we are calling our newest linen shade “Ballet Pink”

IMG_0967We now have 2 styles in this range. The curtain is available in chiffon ruffles down the sides, or several rows of ruffles along the bottom. Both are sold as single panels, and are available in many lengths.

 DSCN6349Linen Curtain with Side Ruffles….shown in Cream

DSCN6357Linen Curtain with Ruffled Bottom….shown in Cream

DSCN6355These Easy Care Luxury Linens are available with ruffles as shown in 4 colours…..Pure White, Cream, Ballet Pink, and Dove Grey. They pair well with our classic lace collection



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Summer Floral Madness

It has been a long time since I have experienced a genuine judged flower show. This one in Annapolis Royal was put on by the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens members, with a lovely tea provided for the visitors.

I loved the ribbons delicately dividing each category, and all the beautiful prize ribbons.

This was the entry of Lorraine :

This was the entry of Lorraine :

DSCN5509Another Arrangement by Lorraine Beswick……unusual Anemone

In memory of Sarah Clarke

In memory of Sarah Clarke

Exquisite arrangement by Gary Freeman

DSCN5503So Carefree and loose and creative!

DSCN5500So Innocent and Sweet!

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Baby Robins have arrived!

eggsIt is a funny feeling knowing that a mother Robin has entrusted you with her unhatched eggs! She has built a nest right up against my back door, and proceeds to lay her eggs, one at a time, up to four. Hatching takes up to a day…per egg. Once born, they need a lot of food. It’s a full time job for the parents to protect the nest , find food, and feed the babies.

I felt so responsible as they hunted at night for worms and food!

robinimagesShe Stayed with them and watched me “like a hawk”!

motherandbabyEven when they “flew the coop” she still tracked them down and fed them! Soooo Dedicated!

babyShe and I were so proud that all 4 babies managed to survive the constant battering

of the crows!!

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