Summer Floral Madness

It has been a long time since I have experienced a genuine judged flower show. This one in Annapolis Royal was put on by the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens members, with a lovely tea provided for the visitors.

I loved the ribbons delicately dividing each category, and all the beautiful prize ribbons.

This was the entry of Lorraine :

This was the entry of Lorraine :

DSCN5509Another Arrangement by Lorraine Beswick……unusual Anemone

In memory of Sarah Clarke

In memory of Sarah Clarke

Exquisite arrangement by Gary Freeman

DSCN5503So Carefree and loose and creative!

DSCN5500So Innocent and Sweet!

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Baby Robins have arrived!

eggsIt is a funny feeling knowing that a mother Robin has entrusted you with her unhatched eggs! She has built a nest right up against my back door, and proceeds to lay her eggs, one at a time, up to four. Hatching takes up to a day…per egg. Once born, they need a lot of food. It’s a full time job for the parents to protect the nest , find food, and feed the babies.

I felt so responsible as they hunted at night for worms and food!

robinimagesShe Stayed with them and watched me “like a hawk”!

motherandbabyEven when they “flew the coop” she still tracked them down and fed them! Soooo Dedicated!

babyShe and I were so proud that all 4 babies managed to survive the constant battering

of the crows!!

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Twenty One Dresses !

A number of years ago, a young painting conservator entered a forgotten storeroom in a fifteenth-century Florentine villa and stumbled on a pile of Louis Vuitton steamer trunks. She opened them and discovered a collection of exquisite dresses, the kind usually seen only in movies, or inside…

Continue reading at………SO EXCITING….just got my newest New Yorker & had to share this with you!

Waiting to be dressed....

Waiting to be dressed….

Imagine coming across all those steamer trunks and finding these treasures, so sad that they are literally melting into each other, dissolving into air.

Les Soeurs....with Vionnet at the helm!

Les Soeurs….with Vionnet at the helm!


Imagine the beadwork & hand sewing, so many types of embellishments

Imagine the beadwork & hand sewing, so many types of embellishments

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French Nordic

Patchwork Lace Curtain from Highland Lace Co.

Patchwork Lace Curtain from Highland Lace Co.

The idea of the absence of colour in my surroundings is a fairly new urge. Until recently, I have embraced colour in the home the way a woman in NYC embraces Black. Recently though, it has become obvious that natural organic elements look best surrounded by a neutral palette. I have discovered about 50 shades of white and have dismissed the grey all together. The textures of leather, sisal, wood, plaster, fur, burlap,  linen, and lace,  all come forward and play a more important role in my home. Texture and history jump off the page in these settings. Try out this new simple neutral rustic charm and French Nordic  palette for yourself , and let me know what you think!


French Nordic Cabinet from Jeanne D'Arc

French Nordic Cabinet from Jeanne D’Arc

French Linen Bedding

French Linen Bedding

Jeanne D' Arc Bedside Table

Jeanne D’ Arc Bedside Table

French Reliquiry

French Reliquiry

Burlap & Linen

Burlap & Linen

fabric1 115038Natural  Elements

ruffledcurtainNatural Ruffled Linen

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Bonne Annee!

bonne anneeI have high hopes for 2015!!

New Beginnings for the home often begin in January, windows are the eyes, and need refreshing. Sheer fabrics such as lace are no longer banished to hiding behind heavier curtains, but have a starring role these days. So much simpler, and fresh, allowing the natural light to show through. Try putting your heavier curtains away and allowing this soft simple effect to change the apearance of your windows!

lace108point Desprit1 003Simple Point D’ Esprit

etsylace2 012curtainshannon3 044 lacewindow1893Simple Times, reading in the warmth of the sun streaming through simple lace curtains!

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