One had a French father, the other an English mother (raised in a French convent). The one with the English mother adored lace. She would hide in the attic at her father’s chateau, and rummage through boxes and trunks of the finest french lace full of the faded grandeur of her father’s past. She was passionate about monogrammed dowry linens She was always looking for the family initials. It was rumoured that her father confined their mother to a nunnery when he discovered the french sister (conceived with a french sailor, lace knots?); and so, La Soeur Anglaise was born….

The English Grandmother was at Buckingham Palace embellishing all the beautiful ball gowns and would keep scraps of fine beadwork and lace for her little one, whom she adored. The Grandmother was not happy that her daughter had squandered her legacy on a sailor and would have nothing to do with the little french sister, but lavished all on the adored petite anglaise.

La Soeur Anglaise continues her search for exquisite laces and linens, proudly speaks her mother tongue, and hopes you understand….